Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Review of How the Cow Jumped Over the Moon by Sally Huss

"In this book you'll meet a very stubborn, bored, and uninspired cow. She is steadfast in her determination not to try something new. She is amusingly invited to join one animal after the next in an adventure with them, but sticks to her old habits. It is not until a chicken encourages her to jump over the moon that she decides to change her ways. 

All in rhyme, and all with a smile, this story is one to delight every child, and subtly spark the spirit of adventure within them. It emphasizes the importance of trying something new -- to be adventurous -- in the most whimsical way.

-- Charmingly illustrated in bright and happy colors. 
-- Your child will want to read along and encourage the young the cow to try something. Great fun!"

How the cow jumped over the moon is a story for children about trying something new. All the animals asked the cow to try something new but the cow just wanted to stay in his field and chew as that's all he thought he could do. Until the chicken persuaded him to try something new. 

The book also has a lot of repetition and rhymes which helps children to remember the story. Even though some of the rhymes didn't flow that well. 

3/5 stars

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