Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Review of The Ghost Box by Catherine Fisher

This book is aimed at reluctant teen readers. The story is about a girl named Sarah who finds a locked box. All of a sudden she is being haunted by a young boy ghost. The boy tries to get Sarah to open the box as he claims his soul is trapped inside. Without hesitation or a second thought she tries to find a key to unlock the box and set the boys soul free. However when she takes the box to an antique store the owner comes across as scared for Sarah's safety and without telling her the reason he refuses to look for a key to open the box. 

This was a quick read and has very basic language even for reluctant readers. I probably wouldn't recommend this book as even when I was a teenager this wouldn't have entertained me. The writing and characters were quite bland and I like to feel a connection to the characters I am reading about. 

1/5 stars 

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