Friday, 25 October 2013

Review of Lizzie Zipmouth by Jacqueline Wilson

A short, sparky novel from our mega-selling star author, Jacqueline Wilson. Lizzie has zipped up her mouth. She's totally fed up at having to join a new family and nothing can coax her into speaking to them. Not football, not pizza, not a new bedroom. That is, until she meets Great-Gran, who is even more stubborn than her - and has had a lot more practice!”
Growing up Jacqueline Wilson was my first and favourite author. However this book hasn’t got that ‘magic spark’ I remember reading when I was younger. All of Jacqueline Wilson’s books tackle problems, this one is no different. The problem is that Lizzie doesn’t like her new stepdad and doesn’t want to move into his house with two step brothers. Lizzie is stubborn and won’t talk to anyone. However after her bad experience with her first step father I can understand where she is coming from, in response to this her reaction is to stop talking until she meets Great-Gran. Lizzie has a connection with her, this is down to the fact they have a love for dolls and she starts talking again. However when Great-Gran is ill this brings Lizzie and her step-dad Sam closer together.
I would recommend this book for children aged 7-9.
3/5 stars

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