Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Noise in the Attic

This is a short story of mine that was entered into a competition at school and got published.

I woke up, sweat pouring down my face, I looked at my body. Why was I sweating so much? I mean the duvet was in a heap on the floor. I got out of bed and slipped on my slippers. All of a sudden Kenny, my younger sister came into my room.
"I’m scared,"she said.
“Scared of what?” I asked.
“I heard some sounds coming from the attic,” she replied. I then remembered that I had also heard a noise that had woken me up.
“Can we go and look?” Kenny said.
I grabbed my torch and walked up the stairs towards the attic, Kenny following. I opened the door and saw an old vase lying on its side with something inside. I shone my torch on it. It was a kitten. I shone my torch all around the attic. There were eight more kittens, I then spotted an older cat. It was Sam’s, our next-door neighbour’s cat.
“Shall we take them next door now?” Kenny asked.
“No, in the morning,” I replied.
So the next day we collected all the cats and took them next door. We rang the bell. Sam answered.
“Yes, oh it’s you,” his eyes fell straight on to the kittens. “I knew she was expecting. I put up posters saying whoever found her could keep a kitten.”
“Can we?” Kenny asked.
“Yes” said Sam.
A few months later we had nine kittens and a cat.
(Age 13)

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