Saturday, 28 April 2012

The First World War

This is a poem that was entered into a competition at school and got published.

I was hopeful to become a sergeant,
Just like my father had
I had just joined as
The First World War had begun,
We were by the trenches
When there was an explosion
I stood there, my legs as still
As Steel.

Gas was overcrowding us,
So on our gas masks went.
Bill my cousin stood there,
Choking, spluttering, drowning
As the poison filled his lungs.

Then suddenly everyone started to run
And shout as loud as sirens and scream
When I noticed a bomb
Falling towards my father
I wanted to run forward
And grab him by the hand
Like I did when I was a young child
Too late, the bomb went off
I could feel tears rolling down my face like a river.

Why, why, why
Hadn't my father run away?
He should have seen it falling.

I lost my cousin and my father in this
Dreadful war.
Why did they have to die for their country?

(Age 14)


  1. The horrors of war. It never makes sense. :(

    You have a pretty blog here. I loved the background.

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  2. My introduction to poetry was the first world war poets. Over 40 years later and the words of Owen, Sassoon and Brooke move me as much, if not more, than when I first read them. Your poem had the same effect, Keep writing I'll be back for more :-)